Юниперус на ствол D38 H100 – Juniperus Grey Owl

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Juniperus virginiana `Grey Owl`


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Among the best of the shrubby, spreading junipers, award-winning Juniperus virginiana `Grey Owl` (Eastern Red Cedar) is a compact, wide-spreading evergreen conifer with arching main branches covered with soft dusty silver-gray scale-like foliage. It produces a profusion of dark purple-blue berry-like cones covered with a white wax which gives them an overall silver-gray color. Many birds feast on the juicy juniper berries during the winter, especially the cedar waxwings. Slow-growing and long lived, Eastern Red Cedar is ideal for providing year-round structure. Tough, heat, drought, cold tolerant, it can prosper where other conifers struggle. It is particularly useful for very dry, sunny sites where it makes a wonderful specimen plant.


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