Шефлера 25/19 H100 – Schefflera arb Gold Capella

225.00 лв. (вкл. ДДС)

Schefflera arb Gold Capella


Hydroponics means the cultivation of plants in water rather than soil. These plants are widely used in offices and other business premises because hydroponic care is so easy. A hydroponic version of almost every plant is available, whether you are looking for a Dracaena, Strelitzia, Kentia, Ficus or Anthurium.
The key advantage of hydroponic cultivation is that it allows water and nutrients to be applied in just the right quantities. Our perfectly fitting planter inserts mean that you can make the planter watertight, while the water meter enables you to check the water level in your planter with complete accuracy, so that you can easily add just the right amount of water. This makes it very easy to look after hydroponic plants.


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